14 July 2017 – Plush Festival – “Messe de Notre Dame”

14 July 2017 – Plush Festival – “Messe de Notre Dame”

Friday 14th July  7.30 pm, St John’s Church, Plush, Dorset DT2 7RJ

Part of the Plush Festival

Tickets (Event Plush 5, £20, under 16s free)

Programme includes the 4-part Messe de Notre Dame by Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300–1377) sung by Gothic Voices, with links and elaborations by Adrian Brendel (cello) and John Harle’s saxophone quartet.

Plush Festival describes it: “This is a unique event at Plush, bringing together the renowned Gothic Voices with the intriguing combination of saxophone and cello. One of the first important polyphonic composers, Guillaume de Machaut’s music has been hugely influential through centuries, and together with the bewitching 11th century Organum plainchant from Salisbury Cathedral is startling in its originality and beauty. The plainchant has been arranged by John Harle and Adrian as linking tropes between the five movements of the mass.”

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