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The Dufay Spectacle – A pageant of versatility featuring France’s greatest pre-Renaissance composer in a grand New Year’s Day wedding feast

Recorded, Linn Records CKD568

Mary Star of the Sea – A celebration of the Virgin Mary through a kaleidoscope of time-transcending medieval and contemporary music

Recorded Jun 2015.  Linn Records CKD541 

A Laurel for Landini – 14th Century Italy’s Greatest Composer

Recorded Feb 2008. Avie AV2151

The Unknown Lover – Songs by Solage & Machaut

Recorded Feb 2006. Avie AV2089

A reissue collection:

Gothic Voices Gramophone Award Winners Collection – A Feather on the Breath of God, The Service of Venus and Mars, A Song for Francesca Released Sep 2006. Hyperion CDS44251/3

The Earliest Songbook in England – Cambridge University Library MS Ff.I.17(1)

Recorded Dec 1999. Re-released Jan 2012. Helios CDH55297 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA67177)

Masters of the Rolls – Music by English composers of the fourteenth century

Recorded Jan 1999. Re-released Jul 2012. Helios CDH55364 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA67098)

Jerusalem: Vision of Peace – Songs and Plainchants of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

Recorded Jan 1998. Released Oct 1998. Hyperion CDA67039 (archive service)

Pierre de La Rue: Missa de Feria and Missa Sancta Dei genitrix

Recorded Sep 1997. Re-released Jun 2011. Helios CDH55296 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA67010)

The Spirits of England and France, Vol. 5 – Missa Veterem hominem and other fifteenth-century English music

Recorded Jul 1996. Re-released Jan 2011. Helios CDH55285 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66919)

The Spirits of England and France, Vol. 4 – Missa Caput and the story of the Salve Regina

Recorded Jul 1996. Re-released Aug 2010. Helios CDH55284 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66857)

The Spirits of England and France, Vol. 3 – Binchois and his Contemporaries

Recorded Mar 1995. Re-released Sep 2009. Helios CDH55283 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66783)

The Spirits of England and France, Vol. 2 – Songs of the Trouvères

Recorded Dec 1994. Re-released Jul 2009. Helios CDH55282 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66773)

The Spirits of England and France, Vol. 1 – Music for Court and Church from the later Middle Ages

Recorded Mar 1994. Re-released Feb 2007. Helios CDH55281 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66739)

The Voice in the Garden – Spanish Songs and Motets, 1480-1550

Recorded Apr 1993. Re-released Jan 2009. Helios CDH55298 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66653)

The Study of Love – French Songs and Motets of the 14th Century

Recorded May 1992. Re-released Sep 2008. Helios CDH55295 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66619)

Lancaster and Valois – French and English Music, c1350-1420

Recorded Dec 1991. Re-released July 2008. Helios CDH55294 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66588)

The Medieval Romantics – French Songs and Motets, 1340-1440

Recorded May 1991. Re-released Feb 2008. Helios CDH55293 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66463)

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – Motets and Songs from thirteenth-century France

Recorded Mar 1990. Re-released Feb 2007. Helios CDH55273 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66423)

Music for the Lion-Hearted King – Music to mark the 800th anniversary of the Coronation of King Richard I of England in Westminster Abbey, 3 September 1189

Recorded Nov 1988. Re-released Nov 2007. Helios CDH55292 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66336

A Song for Francesca – Music in Italy, 1330-1430

Recorded Sep 1987. Re-released Sep 2011. Helios CDH55291 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66286

The Service of Venus and Mars – Music for the Knights of the Garter, 1340-1440

Recorded Oct 1986. Re-released Feb 2010. Helios CDH55290 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66238)

The Castle of Fair Welcome – Courtly songs of the later 15th century

Recorded Oct 1985. Re-released Feb 2007. Helios CDH55274 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66194)

The Garden of Zephirus – Courtly songs of the early fifteenth century

Recorded June 1984. Re-released June 2007. Helios CDH55289 (originally issued on Hyperion CDA66144)

The Mirror of Narcissus – Songs by Guillaume de Machaut

Recorded April 1983. Released Sep 1987. Hyperion CDA66087

A Feather on the Breath of God – Sequences and Hymns by Abbess Hildegard of Bingen

Recorded Sep 1981. Released April 1985. Hyperion CDA66039