4 August 2018 – Leominster, Three Choirs Festival

4 August 2018 – Leominster, Three Choirs Festival

Saturday 4th August 2018, 2.30pm, Leominster Priory, Herefordshire  HR6 8EQ

Part of this year’s Three Choirs Festival which is based around Hereford Cathedral this year.  Tickets £12-27


Stella Maris – Virga Jesse

For centuries the figure of Mary has deeply captivated the devotees of European religious culture. This programme, marrying music from two of Gothic Voices’ most celebrated recordings, explores this fascination through the eyes of both men and women. Ancient liturgical texts and poems illuminate Mary’s various mythical and human aspects, set to music by masters of medieval England, offset by contemporary responses to these themes on the one hand, and introduced and reflected on by the celebrated Hildegard of Bingen, writing in the 12th century, on the other.



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