7 September 2022 – Köln, Germany

7 September 2022 – Köln, Germany

7 September 2022 at 19:00, WDR Funkhaus, Wallrafplatz 5, 50667 KölnP

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with Thomas Gimbel, Recitation

Programme: Canterbury Tales

On a pilgrimage through a rich, colorful Middle Ages: Bruce Wadsworth has retranslated Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”.

The English South East, about 650 years ago. A group of pilgrims make their way from Southwark to the tomb of St Thomas Becket in Canterbury. Among the motley crew of knights, priests, nuns, squires or sailors is the innkeeper of the “Tabard Inn”, where the whole thing starts. The route is just long enough for a bit of cultivated pastime, and the innkeeper suggests that everyone should provide a change with a few personal stories. The poet Geoffrey Chaucer put this social panorama of the 14th century on parchment in his “Canterbury Tales”. The Marl music teacher and Chaucer enthusiast Bruce Wadsworth has retranslated the original English text over a period of more than 20 years. Reciter Thomas Gimbel brings us excerpts of this literary masterpiece, which is bursting with life. The appropriate music comes from the English vocal quartet “Gothic Voices”.

With vocal music from the 14th century

Thomas Gimbel, Recitation
Gothic Voices


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