7 December 2023 – Cuenca, Spain

7 December 2023 – Cuenca, Spain

7 December 2023, 7.30pm, Biblioteca de la Merced, Cuenca.

Concert organiser Fundacion Patronato de la Semana Musica Religiosa

More details to follow


Nowel syng we bothe al and som: medieval Christmas music from England

Throughout the ages, music lovers have enjoyed heartwarming Christmas tunes from the past during the Christmas season. Be amazed by the fervor of well-known and unknown carols in their original 15th-century form, and by the elegance of their ingenious predecessors in this festive interplay of narrative and symbolic poetry that depicts the biblical stories of Mary and Jesus. Gothic Voices connects the celebratory ritual with important vocal works by early English celebrities John Dunstaple and Leonel Power. “Sustenance for the soul, a short-cut to bliss”, writes The Times about the ensemble. We can’t imagine a better run-up to a beautiful Christmas season!

Works by Power, Frye. Dunstaple, Cooke, Queldryck and anonymous works (12th-15th century, England)


Catherine King, mezzo-soprano | Julian Podger, Steven Harrold, tenor | Stephen Charlesworth, baritone

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