Julian Podger




Julian has been fascinated by the sounds and rhythms of mediaeval music since boyhood, inspired largely by David Munrow’s mediaeval music programmes on BBC radio in the early ‘70s. He has always loved the challenges of ensemble music making, and the resulting connection that forms between musicians.


He joined Gothic Voices in 1992 after completing his studies of music and performance practice at Trinity College Cambridge and singing with the chapel choir. He went on to join many London ensembles, such as the Gabrieli Consort, the Taverner Consort, the Harp Consort as well as being a regular guest with The Tallis Scholars. He has been a frequent soloist with the Monteverdi Choir and specialises in the evangelist role of Bach’s passions and Monteverdi opera, and has recently released a recording of lute and consort songs by Dowland and Byrd. He has his own ensemble of renaissance and baroque music, Trinity Baroque, which he formed whilst still at Cambridge, and with whom he recently recorded a solo voice version of Bach’s motets.


Currently living in Vienna, Julian is also studying to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique.