22 December 2021 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

22 December 2021 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

22 December 2021, 20:15 at Muziekgebauw, Amsterdam

Programme: A Feast of Christmas Music from England – From Darkness to Light

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The English ensemble Gothic Voices takes the listeners to the Christmas season in England from five to eight centuries ago. There, in chapels, in living rooms and in squares, that typical English Christmas music was heard. These chants are called Carols. Cheerful and dancing songs about Mary and her child, as if a cheerful time is about to dawn full of new hope and perspective.

In their program Gothic Voices pay tribute to Mary, the Queen of Heaven and sing about Advent, the arrival of a new spiritual leader and his birth at Christmas. That is why the happy cry ‘nowel nowel’ is often heard, after the French word ‘noël’ for Christmas. With this program Gothic Voices confirms its nose for original programming. A treasure chest with medieval Christmas music.”

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